5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Better Ranking of Your Blog

However there are more than 50+ SEO Plugins available and almost more than 60% people use them everyday but most still do not know which one are the Best WordPress SEO Plugins they should use at their blog.

Everybody wants better ranking, results and a long lasting position in search engines. But most of the people don’t follow even the basic onpage SEO Techniques such as Quality Articles, Internal linking, page speed, proper navigation, keyword density and many other things that need to be focused.

best wordpress seo plugins

People Install WordPress and think its enough for better results as it is said (and obvious) that this CMS is the best, popular and Optimized but this does not mean at all you will not take care of further elements.

However I also offer free installation service for WordPress.

Most Important Factors to Consider:

  • Title and Metas are properly setup
  • XML Sitemap is managed and linked to Webmaster
  • Fresh, Easy, High Quality, Human and SEO Friendly Content
  • Make sure content is Socialized (More and More Social Shares)

List of WordPress SEO Plugins:

Now why am I writing this article as there are many available you can search? But to let you know exactly the best wordpress SEO Plugins I have been using over the years and have provided me the best results for my sites and for my clients too. As I said above, there are many, but the important and most amazing, I mean the Best Plugins are these which I have listed below. The reason to let you know about these is only mean to exactly show you how can you adopt a better ranking and position in search engine by just using them.

I am sure by simply setting up these plugins and making changes today, you are going to enjoy a boast in your ranking. So, stick to the post and see how exactly I am doing.

Note: The list below is based on my personal experience which I have tested over the years and I use with all of my WordPress sites.

#1: WordPress SEO Plugin By Yoast:

Wordpress SEO by Yoast

I have been using this since I started using WordPress and believe me, it is the one which I have found complete solution for my Blog.

Now I am not going to tell you more info about this plugin but you can read about it here. I am going to show you how exactly this helps me.

The very first reason for which I am using it, because it easily lets me setup my title and metas of either home page, inner post or pages. What you are really going to do is to set your own custom title and metas for every single thing you want. Otherwise leaving this point will let every search engine to use and show any title or meta on their own choice. So, how you can set them?

Setting up Title and Meta for Home Page:

Simply, by going to the option available in Yoast’s Plugin which you can find by simply moving your mouse over SEO available in your dashboard after when you have installed it.

Setting up Title and Meta for Home Page in WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Now you will see a page where you can simple write your own. Just simply click on “Home” and write as I have done below.

Writing area for Title and Meta in Yoast Plugin

Now when you have setup your own custom title and meta, the search engine will exactly show what you have setup and the reason behind this is actually you are going to tell them what your site is all about.

Blogging ceo Appearance in Search Engine

Setting up Title and Meta for Post and Pages:

Now for the home page we are done, what about the pages and post we create how can we set our own for them as well? Simply when you are creating, you will see a snippet preview at the end on editing page like below. In this image I have exactly shown how you can write your own and how this will appear in search engine.

Snippet Preview for Blogging CEO Post

This is how you are going to setup custom title, meta and meta keywords for your blog post. Now if you just observe above image, you can see an amazing feature “Focus Keyword”. Here you can see when I just put my focus keyword in which I want search engines to rank me at first page, then it starts telling where this keyword I have used and by highlighting them with green color, I can see I have used in all the places where it suggests. Now lets move to another option to learn more how you can improve more your content to get better ranking.

Page Analysis (Content Analysis):

If you observe the above image again, you will see 4 options are there. Lets move to “Page Analysis” to see what suggestion you can get more.

Paga Analysis with Yoast Plugin for Blogging CEO

This is the beauty of this plugin due to which I like it most. You see how many suggestions you got to make more better content. In the above image you can see, green, yellow and a little red color button. The green one are telling that I have done that and its better for me. The one with yellow marks and little red, need to be considered more.

Setting Up XML Sitemap:

XML Sitemap helps search engines to crawl your website easily. By doing so, you are going to help your own site to get better position and ranking is search results. You can read more about sitemap over Wikipedia page here and why it is necessary.

What my point is, this plugin also creates a beautiful structure of your blog sitemap which you can easily submit to webmaster tool of Google, Bing and others. Simply go “XML Sitemaps” option via options.

xml sitemap with yoast seo plugin

At this page, check the box and click on save setting and you will get your sitemap ready. Simply submit the URL in your webmaster and you are done.

xml sitemap link to submit in webmaster tool

Here I will stop telling about its more features 😀 because if I do so, the article will go so long and I will not be able to cover other best wordpress seo plugins. But for the basic and or better optimization, this is what you can do with this. I will create another post regarding complete setup guidance about it. Now lets move to another one and see what you can do more and more to better optimize your content.


SEO by Squirrly

When it comes to content writing, SEO by SQUIRRLY is the only one which will help you to optimize your content for both Humans and Search bots with its live assistance while writing article. It is such a wonderful creation for both experts or non experts. Neil Patel and Brian Dean (internet marketers) also recommend to use this (including me 😉 ). Again you can read more about it here. Lets dig into it how it helps.

In sidebar while creating a post, you will see Squirrly Options where you can amazing things such as you can add focus keyword so this will check how well you are going to write your content and time by time when you keep on writing, it gives you live suggestion.

OK! Now lets add a focus keyword.

optimize for keyword with squirrly plugin

When you have added, it will then analyze and starts giving your suggestion and information about how well you have optimized like below.

Just check what you have missed and simply fill that.

live assistance for content to optimize more

As I said, the more you write and follow its instruction it will tell you what you have done by giving live alerts as below.

bold one keyword with squirrly

human friendly article

Amazing right? So, by this plugin you are going to super optimize your article.

#3: SEO Content Helper Plugin:

SEO Content Helper

Keyword Density Optimization with SEO Content Helper made super easy. What if you are writing a super content but its actually not superb but a spam copy which will penalize or even de-index your blog? To be safe from this situation, you are here to go with this. Read more about how it works and lets take examples how it can help you.

Add Your Focus Keyword:

add focus keyword in seo content helper

Now observe the red highlights and fill the gap.

Check Keyword Density and Optimize it:

keyword density of content

For a better content and if you are really want to know secret 😉 I always try to maintain my density for every single word (as much possible as I can) lower than 1% because repetition of a single word again and again make no sense and search bots think you are spamming by doing so. So, analyze your content and observe which word you have used most and simply remove that by using synonyms or changing sentence.

#4: SEO Permalinks Modifier:

SEO Permalinks Modifier

Most of newbies do not consider this much but believe, this is another factor that helps to rank better in search results. Short URL are always better. What WordPress does, it simply create a URL containing all common words what you use while making a title.

For Example:

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Better Ranking of Your Blog:

So, wordpress will make a long URL like this.


As you can see in below image.

permalink before hitting save draft

Which is not only long but also look horrible to remember and write.

After hitting first time “Save Draft“, this will automatically remove stop and common words from URL and make it short and SEO Friendly (you can also edit yourself and force your own)

It became like this.


after saving draft permalink structure got changed.

So, this is not only easy, short and easy to remember but also makes a sense to the point what this post is discussing about.

#5: Simplified Social Sharing:

simplified social sharing

Now what? You have superb and optimized content. Will you not let the people share it across maximum social platforms? The one I am using is Simplified Social Sharing (read more). This is simple and free plugin which adds beautiful plugins on your live post or pages.

social sharing button on blogging ceo

The more social signals (sharing) you get, the more are the chances to get better ranking in search results. Simply popularity makes your spot at first place easily 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading out this article in which I have tried to discuss in detail what Best WordPress SEO Plugins are best for your Blog SEO. Share it with your friends and wait for the next article 🙂

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