4 Easiest Ways to Create YouTube Video That Makes Millions

Ways to Create YouTube Video
Written by Umer Iftikhar

When it comes to Create YouTube Video that actually makes money and is liked by thousands of people watching to it, there are some easiest ways I have experienced and made thousands for myself. When it comes to make some extra money or a full time online business model without any investment except some bucks (tools we need), YouTube comes at first spot for everyone and very easy to work with. We just need videos and we are ready to make our fortune.

Here in this post I am going to explain each and everything I have applied over the past two year making such videos that have played very well.

Before I continue, I would like you to know, out of 4, only 3 methods are easy and risk free while the 4th one is a bit risky but somehow it has worked very well for many YouTubers including me 😉 So, let’s read.

Ways to Create YouTube Video

Here I would like you to see some of the results I have got while applying these methods and the result below is from the method 1. So imagine if this can make such amount, how others are going to make 😀

create youtube video

Alright! I would like to break down into points so we can better know what methods we are going to discover.

Methods to Create YouTube Video:

Here you go,

  1. Slide Based
  2. Using Camera
  3. Recording Screens
  4. Mixing (Download, cut and mix, upload and monetize[Black hat])

Let’s discuss in detail the exact way we need to follow.

#1 Slide Based:

This pattern may be a boring one or you can think it as useless, since video means something animating or some visual content in that. But what if I show you some results that I saw people were actually doing and making thousands by creating youtube videos in the same pattern?

I simply saw and applied for my channel and got the above result I showed. Although this way requires a little bit more hard work than others since it’s the one that we need to do completely with available things, such as pictures, information and other thing we need to create youtube video. But even though such video work well in long term and is 101% risk free.

All we need is some or just one software that we can use easily to create such videos and use them. Let’s have an example first here so you can better understand what actually I am talking about.

You see, this contains some pictures and information. If you observe to other videos on the same channel you will see this person has made content using just pictures and text and the way he is generating content is awesome.

Since people want to see something like top 10, top 25 or 5 most beautiful women in the world, etc. So the idea is fantastic and using the same technique I followed and made the above result.

This is not just end here. I have more than 1 channel using the same pattern 😉

The question is here, how many tools we have got to create such content? What are those video creation softwares?

Here I will share what I have used and using for this particular way of work.


All in one solution and the best software I have used and still using for every single video of mine. No matter I have to record, or create a new youtube video, this tool has helped me a lot.  Let me just share a picture with you.

camtasia studio projects

Just put pictures, music or any other content you want to put or use in where I have used “Project Area” and then drag into timeline area and do whatever you want to make your content more amazing. Here is a complete tutorial list you can watch and learn it easily.

VideomakerFx and Explaindio:

Other tools I am using are Videomakerfx and Explaindio which are so easy as well. All you need to do is to just use the pre-made slides, edit them and create a new slide based video. But you are limited to use only available slides. However Explaindio is much better than videomakerfx because of its extra ordinary features of making whiteboard animated videos. Just have a look to both.





These are pretty easy to use. Once you purchase them, with in just a little effort you can easily learn them using. I even didn’t check their official site to learn at all 😉 since these are very easy to use.

[alert-warning]Grab Your Explaindio Software Here.[/alert-warning]


The last and the best after both above is videoscribe. You can also read to one of my case study of making $1714 using videoscribe by easy fiverr gig. This is amazing and pretty cools one you can use and make amazing piece of content. However in my case I just used it for Fiverr. But I have observed many channels over YouTube in which YouTuber has created using videoscribe and got tons of viewership. This helps to create an eye catching and engaging videos.

So above are the tools I am using to create a slide based video. However in my case, I was using Camtasia and Explaindio and then I had created a layout as you have seen above. Later I just replaced images and text while rest of the layout remains same. This is how I even made 30 to 40 videos a day.

One of my readers asked me when I wrote one of my post about how to make money from YouTube.

guest comment on bloggingceo

So this took me to write this guide. Well now let me tell you some resources where you can pick ideas from.

Sources to take Ideas:

The very one is Wikipedia if you are going to work on celebrities. Like the one I saw once that a channel shared a video about “Undertaker’s Life” and all the information was taken from Wikipedia with common creative’s videos.

Find Creative Commons Images:

If you are not sure from where you can find those images that are free to use, since owner can claim to its content and your video can get turn down, in this case you can get help from Google. Just go to Google Images and then click on ‘Search Tools’ > ‘Usage Rights’ and Select ‘Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification’.

creative common images

The result you will get now will be available for free to be used for commercial purposes. Feel free to use them and enjoy.

This is all about method 1. Now let’s go for second.

#2 Using Camera:

Well this is just a simple way you can adopt and believe this is easier than above one. What you have to do is to just pick some ideas, sit in front of camera, record yourself speaking or you can even record pranks, other people, any circumstances, or anything around yourself.

Want some ideas?

Check out channel Rclbeauty101 and see how amazing stuff she is creating and getting tons of viewership. This is not just end here. The guy who I liked the most and his stuff is really inspiring for me is Varun Pruthi.

Just check them out, their content how they are making, executing their ideas and taking the most of from it.

Now What Tools We Need?

We will need just,

  • 1 camera or how many you need,
  • Camtasia: for mixing, editing and finalizing your stuff.

What you have to target?

Target subscribers, get as many as you can and create such stuff that inspires your viewer. Once you build a great viewership, believe me, $1,000? No. You will be making even $10,000 a month without working too much after just one or two years.

How can I say so?

Let’s just take example of Rclbeauty101 channel. We know 1,000 views can generate us $1 normally. Now if we look to creation date which is Dec 14, 2015 and views so far which are 884,070,986 we can analyze she has earned a total of $884,070 in five years. The amount I got by diving the total views by 1,000.


That is 884,070,986 / 1,000 = $884,070.

But I am imaging here half of it so we can guess like $442,035.

So analyzing her about 5 and half year she has made such amount. If we divide by total number of months since Dec 14, 2010 we can get about 65 months here and if we divide our amount by 65 we will get round about $6,800 earning of just a single month which is just my guess of 1% CTR and which is normally higher than my imagination with just 258 videos. So she makes avg 3 videos a month.

You see the potential here now? What are you waiting then 😀

I know it’s not so easy to create such youtube videos but believe me I am also working on some unique ideas what I can do to grab audience and once I am done, I will start production. No matter I create a single in a month but that will be awesome and in future it will just make me money by sitting behind.

#3 Recording Screen:

Well, we don’t any camera here. All we need is just Camtaisa and a nice Microphone that is noise free. This method is especially for Bloggers. What we have to do is to simple record our screen and play with some tools we are teaching. For example if we are making a tutorial ‘How to Blog’ then WordPress or any other tool will be on screen and we will be recording, while speaking and defining to our readers.

Or there will be some powerpoint presentations and we are good to go.

These types of videos also work in great manner. All you have to do is be good in your subject what you are teaching and rest just your screen will do what you want to show 🙂

Wpbeginner is the best example for it.


So far this method is best for Bloggers and Internet Marketers who tend to work online. Or also for any type of person who wants to start teaching online as part time.

This will not only make him/her popular but also a good amount he/she can generate.

#4 Mixing:

Finally the one that everybody is looking for, most of my friends, Facebook buddies and other ask me daily how they can use or I mean to say steal other videos to create a new one and earn. Well this is a black hat method to create youtube video we can say but in my point of view this is not illegal or black hat.

Since the content we are actually using, are totally allowed by YouTube to be reused. The difference is sometimes we get strike over our content. But these strikes are actually not done by the owner rather than the same person like you and me who is working on the same pattern.

Anyhow, let’s come to the point. Everybody knows this method is hot and marketers are earning huge amount of money by this method.

What we have to do is to make compilation or mixture of different videos. Such as if you search for “Funny“, you will get result like below.

funny compilation videos

See the top results are of compilation. What these channels are actually doing, they are stealing other content and making a mixture of different scenes using Camtasia or any software and then making out a new video and uploading them.

These types of videos are the best and generate huge amount of money. But this is not very easy to create youtube videos like them. Let me give you some tips over my experience.

Tips to Get Monetized and Stay Safe from Strikes:

Here I share what are most important elements I have experienced and which can help you to work for long term.

  1. Always make a compilation of different scenes.
  2. Hide Logo or any other watermark used by other person (channel)
  3. Never ever take scenes from Big Brands like TV Channels Pranks. Always use simple and people made video. Like the one created with camera of normal people. If you observe funny stuff, you will understand it.
  4. If you are seeing a copyright issue, remove that scene and replace with another to be safe for life time else you will get strike.
  5. Always use your own created logo as watermark.
  6. Remove songs, or audio and replace it with YouTube Music Library songs (music)
  7. This method will not work for songs or movie. (Compilation)

If you observer the very first two channels in the screenshot I have shown above, you will see these channels have worked like the same pattern I have defined.

How to Mix:

Use Camtasia for mixing. Download some videos, cut some scenes from them, compile a new one and you have created a new youtube video. A rare example I can give here.

rare example

I have simply cut different scenes from different videos, compiled them, used YouTube Music library sound track and then finish.

Through this way you can work and earn. But to be very true, this is 100% at risk. But somehow if you follow above tips you will be on safe side as long as your competitors strike you out.

It’s Your Turn Now:

Well, these are the methods I have known so far and used all these to Create YouTube Video for my work. Out of these methods all have worked really well for me which you can try and start right now without any issue. If you still feel any problem, you can catch me via comments or contact page.

Further, for learning these tools, i.e. Camtasia, follow the official tutorial page I have shared above.

I hope you enjoyed reading out this article. I will write more and more good stuff very soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow on Google+, Like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms which you can check at top of sidebar.

Just a little bit more 🙂 Share this with your friends, do like, comment and share. Cheers 🙂

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