6 Secret Ideas to Find Awesome Domain Name – No 2 is Amazing

Finding an awesome domain name? Specially Newbies often do the same mistake I used to do for my blog or business website. It is the main and most important part when you are starting brand, creating a place over internet and spreading voice to all over the world. Remember the more unique, eye-catching and significant you are, the more are the chances to make a better position online.

Though the topic has been widely discussed and the special points I considered that worth you reading, have been shared by MOZ in which they discuss 12 rules that you must follow when you are going to finalize. In the same way wordtracker has also describe it in the best way.

Find Awesome Domain Name

But what makes me to write additional information on this topic? Simply I wanted to share my own experience as I do when I search for my websites. Here are 6 secret ideas that I keep in mind when I am going to chose a best name for my site.

1: I Think Out of The Box Awesome Domain Name:

It is important to think about product, business, plan and audience you are targeting. Keep in mind what your identity is all about? Are you targeting right audience through the name you selected? Is the business fit with that? More over you have chosen eye-catching yet simple and easy to remember? If all yes, You are going to get a wonderful result. Lets take an example of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Microsoft, Hotmail, Apple, iPhone, etc. All these are wonderful, easy to remember and look great.

2: Have a Look in Competitors.

It is the best thing I do when ever I begin finding. I always check my competitors’ names and do a proper research about they are doing and which I should adopt. Though most of people don’t consider and miss this part but believe me when you are going to do a proper research on your competitors, not only you are going to know how attractive identity have been chosen to represent but you are going to get hundreds of ideas about topics, articles design, look, structure, representation and so on. How I do? Simply by searching on Google and writing my main niche keyword such as “Information Technology” on search bar.

Google Search Result

And now I can easily look into my competitors and get ideas from them.

URL in Search Results

If you observe highlighted Green Words, these are actually URL and the first part are basically their names. Now by visiting these sites, I can easily analyze some sort of things they are doing in their websites and it really helps me a lot to go through my research.

3: Do a Proper Research in Niche:

Most of the people (including my self) think only about one word of their product and never go through a proper keywords research of their niche and hence most of the people get fail in making out a brand or business. Now my point is, you must do spend some times in finding golden words people are searching about your industry. It will not only give you better ideas about which topics you should write in future, further you can get hundreds and thousands of ideas to select best name.

Now lets take an example with the famous Google Keyword Planner Tool here. Simple login first to Adwords account and select as below.

Google Keyword Planner

Now Select the first option.

Search for New KW

Now put niche main word just like below.

KW Information

Now look into the words people are searching.

KW Result

You can also chose the “Exact Match Domain”, we say EMD. Means, if you look into above image  there is a complete phrase of “what is information technology”, which is searched for 14800 times a month. Now if the name is available, you register and rank it, you will easily get the above number of visitors on monthly basis. But still you can chose you think is best for you. These phrases will give you ideas + suggestions.

4: List Down Ideas and Ask to Friends:

Good friends always suggest for better. How I do, I do the above steps and discuss with my best friends. I share my complete idea (not to the one who is my competitor 😉 but to those who I think as a general visitors for my site.) and ask them if the selected awesome domain name suits for me and is eye-catching or them. I collect all ideas from them, finalize and chose the best for me.

5: Don’t Forget Social Networks:

Most of people forget about social media which they should not. Right after registration, never forget to create pages or profile on all popular social media. However this is not the part of research but when your site grows up and someone else (may be your competitor) creates and registers pages and profiles? People on social media gives more value to a brand when they see you get all social media profiles that reflects the brand. Trust goes up. So, according to my point of view, you should immediately do it as well.

6: Use of Searching Tools:

Which basically are the tools that I use to find the most suitable domain-names for my sites? Here are only two that I use and that helps me a lot to find yet attractive and awesome one.

a: Google Keyword Planner: The one I described above, its my favorite tool that helps me to find keywords as well.

b: Leandomain Search: The most wonderful tool I always use. This shows all available names in Green color and finds the most suitable and best for us. Take a look below.

leandomain search tool

Now if you observe, it has found 3798 available awesome domain name results for me with in just 0.71s (less than one second) and if you completely check, you get the most amazing, eye-catching and easy to remember words. Just put yours and get outstanding solution.

I hope you enjoyed reading article. However I also use Longtail PRO that helps to find low competitive keywords domain name to target when starting out online business (blog or site).

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