How to Make Quick Money with Fiverr – Easy $1,000+ a Month

Are you ready to Make Quick Money with Fiverr today and generate $1,000 or more from it by simply following some steps which I have described below?

If you are willing to know, I am here to provide you complete details about how and which steps you need to become a full-time money maker on Fiverr by simply working 2 to 3 hours a day.

Yes it’s quite pretty enough time to make thousands or more than it easily. What I am going to cover in this topic?

  1. Introduction (a little bit about it)
  2. How to Create Effective Account
  3. What Gigs to Sell
  4. How to Create Effective Gigs
  5. Secret Idea to Rank Gig to Get Immediate Result

Just an overview How much can you make?

fiverr-earning-proofThis is one of my friend account who just started out working and by continuous hard work, he can easily achieve $1,000 a month goal.

Let me make it clear to you, You are not going to make thousands by this month, even it can take some more time since there is huge competition now as every single person is joining it. But still, if you really follow the tips I will share you in this post, I am sure you are going to make huge amount of money on monthly basis.

#1: Introduction to Make Quick Money with Fiverr:

For just an overview, Fiverr is a freelancing platform that allows Sellers (freelancer) to sell digital services and Buyers to buy from the. Services offered on it are called “Gigs” which initially starts from $5 (Fiverr reserves 20% from it and pays you $4 for each gig sold).

There are Three Levels for Sellers:

1st level – You can unlock once you generate 10 sales in a month and remain active.

2nd level – You can unlock once you sale 50 sales within 2 months and remain active.

Top Rated Seller – A super level that is unlocked with continuous quality with 100% positive feedback.

Each time you unlock any level, you are rewarded with additional extra features. Such as, adding extras, higher ranking, more trust and more buyers, etc.

Extras: Additional offers within same service.

How Much Can I Earn with just 1 Gig?

Just an idea, for each level how much you are going to earn.

As Level 1:

gigs-incomeAs Level 2:

So, you see how much potential there is in the market now and Fiverr has grown up and introduced so many features more. It is becoming the top biggest platform to make money quickly. I think this is all about what I need to say, further you can read about it on Wikipedia.

OK! Now let’s move how you can setup a fantastic profile and get better results.

#2: How to Create Effective Account:

There are few things you need to consider when joining and setting up account. Considering them is really important since you want better results and better effects on buyers. Here they are.

Things to Avoid:

  • Don’t create profile using proxy to show you as American or British. People do it to get good results but it doesn’t really make any sense, if you are good in service and provide your best, even an Asian can earn thousands.
  • Don’t Abuse anyone.
  • Don’t be late in completing orders.
  • Don’t mention your email or provide any direct contact information. You will be banned forever.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts. 1 is enough for a single person.
  • Don’t create useless Gigs that you can’t do. Further I am going to discuss what are hot which you should offer.

Things You Must Do:

  • Use your original name or niche related username.
  • Connect Social Profiles
  • Set security questions
  • Upload a simple and smiling face profile picture.
  • Give a brief introduction, who are you, what you do and you are offering.
  • Give a story line tag under your name on profile page. I will show how to do it. It is just a short line expressing your work.

Setting Up Now:

Open Fiverr.com and click on “Join” as shown below.
setting-up-profile-on-fiverrEnter your email now:


Now enter your username. Make sure you enter a good username whereas I am using just for a demo.

Tip: If you are looking for great exposure, create a niche specific username something like graphicsexperts, wordpressdeveloper, seospecialist, etc.


Now head over to your email account and activate your profile.

activate-fiverr-profileOK! Now that your account is activated. You are ready to make quick money with fiverr. Just some more things you need to do immediately to get your account protected and make 100%.

Go to settings and set your security question so no one can hack/change/withdraw etc.


Now, Fill your complete and connect your social networking Profiles such as Facebook and Google+ with your account. So, when it appears on your profile page, it gives a good impact to buyer as you are a trusted person who is a real and can do work very well. However it’s my thinking but it is considered. Also, this is the step to make your profile 100% completed.


Upload a smiling face profile picture that attracts buyers that you are happily providing service and a good image always leaves good impact. Just upload and give a brief introduction of yourself who you are and what you are doing.


OK! Now here comes my own account that I run on Fiverr. I will simply now go to my profile page Check it on profile page and here you can see a tagline under my name which you can also edit in yours.


Tagline immediately tells what you are doing. Now if you consider, my profile is now 100% as you can see below.


This is all about making an effective account that is 100% completed and an effective way to represent you.

#3: What Gigs to Sell:

The most important question of this post and you must be thinking about it now. So, I will define it in simplest way.

First Evaluate Yourself: What is the best thing you can do? Writing? Data Entry? Graphical Work? Such as Logo, Cover, Flyer, Banners, Mockups, etc or Programming? Such as Web Development, Software development, WordPress Development, Web Designing, CSS fixing etc. There are many things but you need to analyze what you can do best. Then simply search the trends on the site to check if there is exposure in the service you are going to offer. However there are some of the hot and tested Gigs of mine I would like to share here.

Logo Designing: The most important and hot one you can try and offer. One of my friends made $12,000 with just six months. I also tested for three days and here is the response I got and this is just first day when I published my gig. I ended this gig in 3 days when I had made $150 with it.


Some more Graphics Services:

  • Business Cards.
  • Facebook Cover
  • Mockups
  • Flyers
  • Raster to Vector
  • QR Code

Here are some of the most important and hot selling fiverr gigs to make quick money with fiverr that was never easy as it is now.

SEO Services: You can also offer SEO Services likes, Link building, article submission, onpage analysis and many more. Just head over to the category and explore.

Some More Examples:

  • Onpage SEO
  • Keywords Research
  • SEO Optimized Articles (This can be done in article writing service as well)

WordPress Solutions: This has been my favorite service at all as I have made $500+ by just providing simple and small fixing solution. I even got 3 regular clients who still give me work like blog setup, website creation on WordPress etc.

Some More Examples:

  • WordPress and Plugins Installation.
  • Theme Customization (brings many projects)
  • Speed Optimization
  • Securing Blog

Above are some of my tested services I have offered and experienced good exposure. However you have to do a little bit more research about what hot things are being offered.

#4: How to Create Effective Gigs:

Most people don’t focus it and it is the key element we need to make quick money with fiverr. Alright! This part is for creating and optimizing your service to represent it in the best way. Some of the tips are here for you which you have to follow while creating it.

Use High Quality Image or Video (Showing “Exclusively on Fiverr” written 😉 )

Always use a high quality image that attracts buyers towards your services you are offering. Design it clean and superb expressing everything you want but must look professional.

Complete and Killer Description:

According to my point of view, it matter 80%. The more significant and complete it will be, the more are the chances to get more customers. Alright what you really need to make it superb? You have to write everything first you are offering, secondly describe why your service is unique and better than anyone else? What will they get in $5? Share some of your previous excellent experience.

Now divide them into categories.

  • What Will You Get in $5?
  • What Bonuses I am Offering for Free
  • Why Chose Me
  • Contact me

These are super convertible description which has worked very well in my case studies.

Proper Tags:

Mostly people miss this part but believe me this is very important factor. Always chose the right tags that fit to what you are providing.

Time Duration: Always chose the best time duration in which you can easily deliver your project. However I prefer to set for 1 day in earlier days and when you start getting back to back orders, just increase it.

Configure Extras: However I have seen in new profile that you can setup 2 Extras or 1 Extra (not sure). You can configure it if you got the option.

#5: Secret Ideas to Rank to Get Immediate Result:

Here comes the most important and hot subject as how you can grow and get fastest results. There are more than 1 millions services being offered by thousands of sellers now. How will you beat them and come up to make your standing among them? Here are some simple steps you need to do.

Copy Title of Ranked Gigs:

Just search what you are offering, copy titles of first 5 items, write it and create a new one with combination of these. You can also set the same title as one of your competitors is using.

Use Killer Image:

Use a better image than them, this will make you unique. There are many psd files available on internet for your specific product you can use a good one.

Copy Tags:

This is one of most secret thing, just open the gigs of your competitor, check what tags they are using, just copy and use them. You can find tags here.


Immediately Get 3 to 4 Orders (Hot and Most Important):

Here comes the secret formula to rank fiverr gigs fast. Just create, give some views by sharing, and ask someone to order. You will only lose $1 for single order but you will get immediate rating and feedback which are most important. As the new buyers looks into your previous work you have done and once they find something good, chances are high to get fast results. (This was my secret method I applied on my logo designing and you can see result above).

This was all but there are things to cover which I will share in next posts. However Blogging is also an effective way to generate passive income online. Read how you can start a blog and earn.

Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed reading out how you can make quick money with fiverr by just working a little bit on Fiverr and I hope everything is cleared to you. Happy Earnings. Would you do a favor of just sharing it across all social networks? Thanks in advance. However if you are facing any issues, do contact me and I will help you out. Stay blessed.

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  • Umer Bhai I am also working on Fiverr but I was facing some difficulties and issues which you have discussed here. It is a guideline for me to correct myself. Kindly guide regarding paypal account. How can we make and use paypal account in Pakistan because I have one but whenever I try to transfer amount to someone account, it requires verification. Looking for your new post.

    • As Paypal is not allowed in Pakistan we can’t create the new one with Pakistani address. However, You can create the one using Dubai or other country address where Paypal is allowed and can easily use it in Pakistan for any purpose. BTW Thanks to like the post. Spread it please. 🙂

  • Assalam-O-Alaikum, Bro I have followed all the steps that you have mentioned above. But never received any order yet. Can you help me to start on fiverr 🙂 I will be thankful for your this act of kindness.
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    I am waiting for your reply.
    Regards: Zeeshan Ahmed.

    • Have you tried getting orders? When you are started at fiverr, now you need to get orders first. Ask any of your friends to order you and leave an excellent feedback. However, I sent you an email. Don’t worry you will start making money.

  • Salam Umer bhai.

    Your article is written very professionally, i really liked it. I am a software developer with more than 6 yrs of experience. What gigs can i offer?

    Please guide me i am very new at Fiverr.

    • Hi Basit! Thanks to like the article. Amazingly you can start offering small jobs like database setting, any coding error removal. Once you grab some clients, you can convert them into professional clients list. Somehow there are more potential clients on Fiverr who really seek for amazing and creative people like you.

    • Hi Basit, I think you should check out on Fiverr. Because if you can check out your skills by searching on Fiverr than you will get idea and how much sales and how much conversation those gig going on that would be great for you. In short that’s it

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