How to Install WordPress – Step By Step Complete Guideline

Couple of days ago, my friends asked me about “How to Install WordPress” since they are willing to start blogging after reading to one of my post I wrote back in Feb, 2015 about how to start a blog.

All of my friends showed their interest to learn how I manage my sites and do couple of things using WordPress, like managing E-commerce sites, blogs, business websites, etc.

So, today I decided to write in detail how you can easily do the same and process installation is so easy. All you have to do is to understand some basics about Domain Name Setup, Database creation, uploading files, connecting database and you are done.

How to Install WordPress

Furthermore I also offer Free WordPress Installation Service to all of my reader which you can also check. Along with I have decided to share a complete step by step course about making websites or blogs with Wp for free only on my Blog and my YouTube Channel.

#1: Setting UP DNS (Domain Name Servers):

This is the very first step that you need to perform immediately if you have purchased Domain from any other registrar than your host service provider. I prefer to use Namecheap and Godaddy for domain registration and SiteGround for Web Hosting for WordPress Blogs. If you want to know more about DNS, you can read here.

Via Namecheap:

Once you acquire DNS from your host provide, follow these steps.

  1. Open account and Go to “My Account” then “Manage Domains”.
  2. Click on Domain Name
  3. Now click on “Domain Name Server Setup” and put your name servers in the field and click save. As shown in images below.

dns setting on namecheap

change dns on namecheap

Via Godaddy:

If you have hosted your domains on Godaddy, then follow below steps for configuration.

  1. Open Account, Select product, Click Domains then Manage.manage domain name
  2. Click on “Manage Name servers”set name servers
  3. Click on “Custom” and then “Enter Custom nameservers” as shown in the image below.enter name servers
  4. Enter Name Servers in the fields now and click OKsave nameservers

Now you are done. If you purchased from somewhere else, follow the instruction in your panel but the procedure remains same.

#2: Create a Database:

Before I continue, if you want to learn how to install wordpress. First you need to know that it is a CMS based platform which runs with MySQL which is a database which stores all the information of your blog. So, here we open cPanel to create new.

Note: Save all information in a notepad file so you can use it later when we need to connect it.

  1. In cPanel, you can find “MySQL Database Wizard”. Open it now.mysql database
  2. Now Create a Database by giving it some name. I recommend using hard names (for better security) then click “Next Step”create database name
  3. Create a strong username, again hard and a strong password (combination of letters, numeric and special characters) and click on “Create User”.database user name
  4. Next it will ask for its rights. Giving complete, is the best option since we should have flexibility to change anything later in tables.set all things
  5. You have done with creation process.database has been created

Above procedure is via cPanel. Since it is the most used control panel in the world and I also use this, so I created using it. If you got another control panel then you need to check options properly but procedure would be same.

#3: How to Install WordPress:

I divide this part into three steps. These steps are described below.

  • a) Uploading Files.
  • b) Connecting Database
  • c) Setting up Site

a): Uploading Files:

Since it is open source technology and free to use. Just Download it and upload the main zipped folder which you have downloaded into “File Manager” via cPanel.

file manager

Now click on “Upload” which you can find at top.



Simply now upload the folder.

upload files now

Now you see that the folder is being uploaded.

uploading progress

Now when the folder is uploaded, click on it and then extract it.

extract wordpress

After extraction, You will see the folder.

open wordpress folder

Open it, select all files and move to main “File Manager”. But don’t forget to remove the word “wordpress” after public_html when moving.

select and move files

remove wordpress name

b): Connecting Database:

Open your website now. Example www.umeriftikhar.com and you see a page asking you to select the language. It will basically start the final installation process. Select the language and click, “Continue”.

select english

After it, you just need to update few things. As shown in the image below, we need to put DB information which we already created. Click on, “Let’s Go”.

connect database

Now you need to take care of few things when connecting.

  • Use cPanel username then DB name with underscore like this. cPanelusername_databasename
  • Username will also be like cPanelusername_databaseusername
  • Password has no changing.
  • Leave “Localhost” as it is.
  • Table prefix needs to be changed. Since wp_ is common and hackers can get via it easily. Change it something else like wp_ui_ or iu_io_ or whatever you want. I use two words, between underscore. Don’t forget to put underscore in the last.

enter database information

After connection you will surely see confirmation message as shown in the image below which will make sure the final step remains.

run installation

c): Setting up Site:

Right after hitting “Run the Install”, you will see the final step page where you just need to put a little bit more information about Site Title, login name and password and email. Make sure you create a very strong username and password. Don’t forget to check the option where it asks to “Allow search engines to index site”. This is the important part where you must be very careful in creating very strong information for your username and password. Alright have a glance on below image.

install wordpress

Just fill the form and click on “Install” and then you will see the last part like below.

installation wordpress success page

WOW! You just did it 😀 I mean I did it 😉 but you can also do once you follow all the above steps. Your site login page will be like www.yoursite.com/wp-admin. Each time you have to access to this page when you need to login to your Admin Dashboard.

There is another popular method called “1 Click Installation”.

1 Click Install – Another Method:

It is the fast method which you can use to install as much as quickly. All you need to do is to just find “Softaculous” or a direct icon like below.

5 minute wordpress installation - select wordpress

Softaculous page will open now. Simple go to “Install”, fill out the form. All the information would be the same as above you have put. The reason why I shared the above method is because I follow.

In Manual process, I have complete control to My database in means of creating strong password. Though we can change any time but manual process is more secured in my opinion. Since sometimes, auto installation might have some issues with server or other thing. So, you must know the manual and actual method.

You can also read to a post about step by step guide to start a blog today.

Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will now continue sharing the complete step by step guideline to use it. If you liked this post about How to Install WordPress, then don’t be so harsh 🙂 Got few seconds? Your sharing worth a lot to me. Thank you.

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