Free WordPress Installation Service

Are you looking for a complete professional Free WordPress installation service? Good news as I am offering it for free. I understand how difficult it is to install, setup and configure WordPress for the first time when you have no idea about the terms, Domain, Hosting, FTP, cPanel, Database, Themes and Plugins.

Free WordPress Installation Service
Therefore analyzing the issue that I used to face when I was newbie, I decided to launch this free service to all of my readers and followers, who want their new blog to be configured properly.

Why FREE? Its Really Simple, IT IS.

This service is only applicable when you purchase Hosting from my Partnered Web Hosting Companies i.e. from Bluehost or Hostagor or Siteground. That’s how this free wordpress installation service works.

Why to Purchase Hosting?

A WordPress Blog is installed and configured on a web server. When you purchase Hosting from the above companies using my affiliate links (which you can get by clicking above link), I get a commission from these companies and this is how this service becomes totally free for you. PS: I am not offering this services just to make pennies, but to let you have a powerful hosting as well as a configured and best looking blog.

What My Free WordPress Installation Service Includes?

wp-iconI will install the latest version available today on WordPress.org and make sure it is installed secured as security is the key factor for any website.
Themes and PluginsI have a membership of MyThemeShop, chose the best you want from those premium wordpress themes and I’ll install it for you. Plus I am going to install the most important plugins that will tweak your blog.
SEO TweakSEO is the main important thing you need to consider while blogging and the WordPress itself is SEO friendly CMS. Else, I will setup the most important SEO plugins that I use (as you can check here best blogging tools).
social media iconEveryone knows how important it is now days. It is the best way to promote your newly blog and drive maximum traffic. I will configure social media features on your blog so it becomes easier to you readers to share your content across social media sites.
page-creationIf you have written some pages data, example: about us, contact, terms & conditions, etc. I will also setup it which will be easy for you when you start your own blog.
tweak-blogSuch as, permalinks structure, strong username and password (which you can change and I will never store any) and menu creation.

What Else You Need to Know?

As I said above, I will offer this service only when you purchase hosting from my partnered hosting companies. Your WordPress will be installed and configured in only 1 day (24 hours) which is absolutely amazing thing of my service including a strong, secured blog, premium theme and useful plugins you need.

What if you have already purchased hosting without my affiliate links?

I will still provide this service but at a cost of $65 only. While you can also check how to install wordpress to learn how easy it is to do. But still you get confused, I am here to help you out.

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