7 Easy Steps to Find Good Keywords and Rank Them Higher

Written by Umer Iftikhar

Have you started your blog and looking to find good keywords so that you can target some audience and have some amazing visitors to your site/blog?

Don’t worry! I am sure, this guide is going to help you in such a way that you might have seen before. You may think me as a fool here I am talking but exactly if you go deeply what I am going to show you now, you will have some new concept to search for best keywords that will not only drive as maximum traffic but also a good revenue.

Easy Steps to Find Good Keywords and Rank Them

No matter you are targeting affiliates or Adsense or any other monetizing method, you will have great results.

In starting what happens even when I started, I was always told to target keywords that have good figure on monthly basis. I do agree they are best even much better or even highly amazing. But, at starting when you are actually taking your first step into Blogging, you must not do that what others do.

Actually many new bloggers start and fail because they have no idea to find good keywords and they are doing/choosing wrong keywords which are actually too high in competition or they don’t have a right time now to work on them.

So what actually my strategy is or what actually should be your plans to go for a long term strategy and to work in such a way that you exist all the time at top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP)?

Well, just check out this image below so I can explain you more.

keyword position for the case study of find best keywords

This is a keyword that I targeted and it’s on the position of 3rd and about 90 searches it gets a month. Thinking me as ‘Fool’ right? 😀 But the secret is not this. Now let me explain more. You might be thinking what a fool strategy it is to target such keyword that even can’t generate 100 visits a month?

But what if I show you I got more than you think? Look at the number of views I got this month from Dec 1 to Dec 13 (Today in total 13 days).

pageviews results on a case study to find good keywords

This article generates more than 2,000 visits a month easily for me now. Just a piece of content, right strategy, best keywords lead me to get such results.

How I got this result? My strategy is simple. I don’t consider those phrases which get thousand or more in a month when I am actually starting a new blog.

Rather than, I actually prefer to go with less search volume phrases which actually get about 90, 100 or max 200/250 searches in a month.

So, what will be the use and how to get more visits by targeting such words?

Here is a simple formula I use to Find Good Keywords.

I find related keywords that are not the main but actually people are searching for those as well. Got confused? Don’t worry.

Before that I would like to define here a strategy to go through so you can exactly get to know what I am talking about.

I mostly focus on these kinds of sets when I start any site.


  • 1st Set: 30 to 250 searches a month (for first 30 articles)
  • 2nd Set: 250 to 400 searches a month (for next 40 articles)
  • 3rd Set: 400 to 1,000 searches a month (for next 50 articles)
  • 4th Set: 1,000+ to any range (for the life time)


Well, some of you guys will deny this strategy, but it is worth doing when you want to go for a long term. What will happen in this way?

  • You will start step by step.
  • 1st set is very low competitive and will easily get you ranked as well as bring good amount of visitors which I am going to show you how.
  • When all articles/posts/pages will rank for 1st set and you jump into 2nd, ultimately the 2nd set will also start ranking and the chain will start then.
  • In this way, not only all sets will start ranking but also your blog/site will gain more authority and you can then work for any term any phrase any competition. Because by having quality content and ranking on most of keywords, Search Engine will start giving you top positions and you will never have any fear of any algorithm since your way of work is genuine and step by step.

[/alert-note] Now let’s dig into the procedure. Let’s say your target phrase is “how to start blog”, if you just simply follow it, you can’t rank for it or even you can’t get such results, but if you actually look for those words that are related to it and people are actually typing them in Google, let’s say, “how can I make a blog”, “I want to start a blog”, or even more and you use these magic words throughout your article, you will definitely get ranked for the main keyword as well as supporting/related.

This is what the secret behind what actually I showed you above.

Now you know the secret as what we actually have to target is to either a single or combination of relating words?

Your answer must be now ‘relating’.

But the issue is, many bloggers get stuck on what topic they should choose to write content because if you are going to write some content you need keywords, and for that you need a topic.

Now let me explain step by step as how you can search for topics:

Step 1: Quora – The Best Answer to Any Question:

Quora is a top class website where lots of people ask so many questions on daily basis. You don’t need to dig your mind a lot to think what to write next. Your niche will tell you what to write for next.

All you have to do is to find what questions are being asked by the people who are related to your niche. To do so, simple log in to Quora and write your topic as show in the image below.

search on quora

Just click on any of your choice and see what people are talking about. You will be amazed to see lots of questions there and you will easily get a new topic idea for your next blog post.

Now look at these.

quora search question 1

Even this,

quora search question 2

Now this,

quora search question 3

One more.

quora search question 4

Did you observe how lots of people are asking very interesting questions that can give you most amazing ideas to work on? Now let’s take last question as our topic which is “starting a food blog”.

Now let’s play with some tools to elaborate more.

Step 2: Look Into Google Suggestion

Just open Google.com and type these words and just hit space, Google will show some results which we can consider. Because these results are actually what people type to look into that topic and thus it can help us in two ways.

  • To get some more ideas.
  • To get ideas for our Post Title.

start a food blog search result

Further just scroll down to bottom and see some more ideas what we can get.

start a food blog search result 2

Now I will use a notepad where I will write all these suggestion that are too related to my targeted topic to sum up more things.

start a food blog notepad file

Alright! It is not yet end here 😛 Time to explore more with some more tools which really help to find good keywords.

Step 3: GreenHatWorld Tool – Related Long-Tail Keywords Finder:

What if I tell you a most amazing tool that I found and use for almost my entire project or every time I start writing any article? This tool amazingly helps a lot and cut off the second step that we did above and finds almost everything we need. What exactly it does? It helps us the most in Long Tail Keyword Research and thus you can find good keywords without doing much. Just go this tool and type your topic as you can see below.

greenhatworld keyword tool

You will be amazed in few second as this tool will rapidly search lots of amazing suggestions for you without going here and there just to save much time in finding keywords. Just hit stop now and collect all of them into the notepad file we saved.

greenhatworld keyword tool result

Here again, I have gathered closest results I want. So when you are done with all these that I have done above, move to another step to find value of them.

Step 4: Check Value on Google Keyword Planner

It is time to check the worth and searches volume. Just open Google Keyword Planner and search for main focusing word we are targeting which is “start a food blog”.

google keyword planner result

Just click on “Get ideas” to see what Google shows us.

start a food blog keyword value

You see the value of this? Check the CPC which is $2.86 which will be of course useful when you use adsense. You will get good amount per click. Now, I know many top marketers or seo person will consider me as fool, but hang on just read on.

Now what we actually have to look is to check relating ideas that you can find below on planner tool just as below.

suggestion by relevance

You see how amazing these are? Well! This isn’t yet completed here. We can even dig for more or check the other also that we actually found from the Greenhatworld tool above. We can also check value of them or even more evaluate from Google Keyword Planner. Once we have all these in notepad file, we are ready to jump into next step.

Step 5: Write Amazing Content That Covers All of These

We have now all the things that we needed. My file is looking to something like below. What I did, I selected the most important I though should be useful. I actually gathered what had some value (CPC) and combination of those as well which are actually being searched normally. So, the final looks now like this.

start a food blog all phrases gathering

Alright! The time is to write content. The things I am going to tell you must have to be followed else you may get penalized as well if you use them wrong.

Now Create a Spider:

What especially new comers do, they think each of these is different keywords and if they don’t use exact words, they think they have not used it.

Let me explain more here, what you have to do is to just pick up single words and create spider of these results we summarized. For suppose, the main is “start a food blog”, now take “how to” from second line, “for free” from third line, “make money” from fourth, “restaurant”, “tips”, “cooking” and so on as you can see above. What will happen then? It will create a spider of all these phrases and once you use all these throughout your article, it will become an optimized content as well amazing.

Never Do This, I say Never:

Never ever use all words again and again. I mean to say if you use “start a food blog”, and then don’t use “how to start a food blog”. Rather than use “how to” which will automatically cover the main related words. Because Google Spider/Crawler check LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to rank any article/page. Once you use them wisely, you are safe and will definitely come up at top.

Your Content Must Be Outstanding:

This part is very important to be understood. Many new comers ask me on Facebook or via emails,

“Umer Bro, if we create some thin content and do a proper backlink, will it rank?”

I simply reply no. They have misconceptions about SEO. I don’t know who but they are told that SEO is just having thousands of backlinks and nothing else. I do believe it but the thing is, you can’t ignore basics and structure. Let’s say your house looks very beautiful but inside it is even not a place to stay for few minutes. Because walls are completely broken, structure is not properly setup. So, in this case your house will be destroyed very soon. So don’t waste your time in techniques and short term strategy. Always find good keywords and chose best out of them and utilize in right path.

In the same way, if you just focus on building backlinks and leave out the major and important part of SEO which is actually onpage seo Techniques, writing well content and creating the perfect structure of your site, you will lose everything. So, don’t do a mistake to write thin, copied content and focusing only links. Do hard work and write amazing piece of article. The content speaks itself. The quality must be perfect. If you don’t do it, all the above steps will be useless.

Don’t forget to read about onpage seo techniques in which I have explained everything you need to know.

Here are more few important tips I will add.

  • Write a catchy title. A title attracts your visitors and converts them into readers.
  • First paragraph should be engaging and discussing about what actually your reader needs.
  • Mix up extra few tips around your article to engage your reader more.
  • Focus on proper research before you write for anything.
  • Don’t write garbage. People want to read new stuff.

Further I will write in detail about writing a great content very soon.

Step 6: It’s Time to Socialize:

Finding a good keyword, writing a good content aren’t enough. You know the power of socializing any article? Just have a look to some of the brands like Amazon, Mashable, Techcrunch or Upworthy. They have captured the audience over Google+ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social networks.

Just for an idea, look at this,

upworthy facebook page result

They have to do nothing but to just share and get fruits for it and you know what, the more you socialize, the more Search Engine, specially Google will going to consider it because viral things go high.

Remember, the more you socialize your content the more audience, the more likes, the more re-shares and the more reach you are going to get and believe me, if in starting you just focus on building your audience via only social networks for the first 1st and 2nd set, I am sure you will never care about links, since you will start getting natural linking, natural sharing, real audience who will not only become your fan but also will contribute in your hard work.

Checklist to Follow:

  • Create Pages on all Social websites.
  • Increase Likes and followers by sharing good stuff and engaging with other people within your niche.
  • Once you have a number of active followers, start promoting your content and ask your friends to re-share.
  • Don’t forget YouTube which is of course a wonderful way to promote easily. All you have to do is to create amazing videos and share your site in description.
  • Build email list and send emails to notify about new article on your blog.
  • If possible in start, do sponsor over Social Medias to get some extra juice.
  • I just follow these tips and nothing else.

Step 7: Start Building Links:

It is now the perfect time to go for it actually when you have done all your work to find good keywords. But before it, you must follow all above steps because if you don’t, this step will be of no use.

The question is how to actually create and manage backlinks? Well what I follow is to check out my top 10 competitors as what they have done and from where they are linked back.

There are plenty of paid tools available such Semrush, Ahrefs and other. But for newbie, you can also check via Openlinkprofiler.org which will tell you how many links and from where the page/blog has got.

To do so, just search on Google by writing your targeted keyword and then open any site and put the link over on Openlinkprofiler.org

check backlinks

Simply hit the button to see how many links back this page got.

check backlinks profile

Now take the sites referring to your competitor site/page. Create a list and analyze those sites as well. Their quality, their SEO score, their authority, etc. Try to get links from them either via comment, guest post or observe what your competitor has done. Follow it. But make sure to optimize anchor text in pretty way so you can be saved from any penalty.

Above is the method to explore link profile and build backlinks. What if I tell you another way?

You can also make a link back from question answering websites such as Quora, Yahoo answer, communities, etc.

Just the way we found above about how people search on Quora, you can repeat the process and while giving answer to any question, you can use your article as a reference as like below.

my answer on quora to get backlink

Amazing right 🙂 You see, I got 456 views just for replying but you can get more. Thing is to just apply steps.

It’s Your Turn Now:

Well, above are the criteria or the exact method I use to work to find good keywords when I am going to write any article. The methods I use is for a long term process. So, if you analyse and follow all these, you will definitely have a long term success in Blogging.

Also you can head over to my another guide about how to start a blog today which will help you to go through all steps you need for staring your blogging career.

I hope you enjoyed reading out this article as of the previous one. I am actually happy by your response. Within just few articles, Blogging CEO is growing daily. I will write more and more good stuff very soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow on Google+, Like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms which you can check at top of sidebar.

Just a little bit more 🙂 Share this with your friends, do like, comment and share. Cheers 🙂

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    • Hi Alizaib! The thing about creating spider means to use some words from all of our keywords. I mean here, grab 10 to 15 phrases and then don’t repeat the same words which is common in all. Lets say, the word “Food” is common and is repeated in all keywords, then use it once. Now if you observe above, I said, just pick extra word from each keywords, in this way you will have words like, for free, make money, restaurant, bloggers, cooking, popular, should, want, can, place, review, recipe, write. These are actually words I have taken from the list I grabbed. This is called spider. Now when we write article using all these words, Google will also rank you for the keyword having these words. Like if you want to rank for start a blog, you will automatically get ranked for “how will I stat a blog” once you use “how will” in your article. I hope you got the point.


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