How I Made $1714 With This Easy Fiverr Gig [Case Study]

Last year when I was looking for Easy Fiverr Gig to make quick money with fiverr, I found one that was not only easy but also very interesting as there was a lot of potential according to current market position where everyone looks to drive more leads and generate profits.

According to current survey, people are more likely to purchase the product after watching an amazing introductory or informative video about the product rather than reading to thousand of words.

The same thing I was looking on Fiverr as what type of videos I could make to offer to buyers and I found that buyers were looking for Best Explainer Videos that could be more easy to conveyance their buyers/readers to develop more interest to buy their offers/products.

Easy Fiverr Gigs

The Easy Fiverr Gig I Found:

The one that I found and used to make such amounts that you can check below was “Whiteboard Animated Videos“. It was such a great opportunity for me since making such videos is quite simple and easy. These videos not only take minutes to be made but also are very simple, professional yet amazing. Let’s have a look the amount I could generate with this service.

How I Made $1714 With This Easy Fiverr Gig

Does it really have such potential that I am talking about? Let’s have a look here at site how many orders these freelancer have got on these offers.

potential of whiteboard animation gig

Amazing results, right? But wait, I am not finished yet. Now, if we just realize here, the first seller got 408 orders with an average per gig income of $4 and that would become about 408 x 4 = $1632 right?

Amazingly I didn’t get so many orders with this easy fiverr gig like it but still I was able to make $1714. Let me show you more how exactly I got it.

Let’s have a look to some of my orders and their amount.

The very first order of $120 that you can see at below,

First order on Fiverr of Whiteboard Animation GIG

The second order of $225,

Second order on Fiverr of Whiteboard Animation GIG

The third order of $125,

Third order on Fiverr of Whiteboard Animation GIG

The fourth order of $72,

Fourth order on Fiverr of Whiteboard Animation GIG

The fifth order of $90,

Fifth order on Fiverr of Whiteboard Animation GIG

The list does not end here but it continues, however I was just sharing some of good and average orders details to let you analyze the potential of Whiteboard Animation Services on Fiverr. However I still have that gig active and I often work when I get good order that I can complete with maximum in 30 minutes. Definitely earning about $100+ in 30 minutes for some simple work isn’t a bad idea 😉

How to Make a Whiteboard Video:

Alright now you know the potential and have seen what amount we can earn and how smart it is to earn easily. Let’s have a look how you can easily create a whiteboard video that you can offer to your client. I am sharing some of examples with you here so you can analyze what type of videos you can offer or how your buyers can demand from you.

Another example you can check is,

Did you see how amazing and appealing these videos are to make attraction for the buyer. I was lucky to find this easy fiverr gig and there is a huge potential not only on Fiverr but also at other platforms such as Upwork, People Per Hour and other freelancing platform.

Here comes the point, we know how these videos look like, the question is, how exactly you can make the same or more interesting and fantastic than these?

Step 1: Get VideoScribe:

First you need to download videoscribe (download is free) that you can grab for just $12 per month which is nothing when you make more than it a month. Why I refer to purchase? Simply you will some amazing stuff with the licensed product and complete support from the team. Also it is becoming very friendly and easy yet coming with more and more features day by day.

I have made more than $4,000+ using the same gig so far. What you need is Sparkol -VideoScribe for this purpose. Paying just $12 a month and earning more than $1,000 isn’t a bad deal. Grab it now.

Step 2: Do Some Practice:

Here are some of whiteboard (videoscribe) tutorials you can watch and do some practice. Believe me it is very interesting and easy to understand. You know what, I even didn’t practice for it 😀 I just launched the gig with my own voice by creating my first scribe and it was although amazing experience. Have a look to what I made at first. 😉

Here you can watch complete training from Videoscribe Officials and you will be able to create best explainer video very soon 🙂

Step 3: Create Fiverr Gig:

The right time to make your very first gig is now when you have watched all the tutorials. If you are not sure how to make, read out my article about How to Make Money with Fiverr in which I have discussed in detail about the creation process.

Step 4: Tweaking Your Whiteboard Gig:

The reason I am discussing here is absolutely you need to know what to do when you are going to follow this service to make some quick cash for yourself. Here are some additional tips I want to highlight what I followed.

Catchy Title:

Do some search and analyze what and how other top rated gigs/sellers are creating title. Here are some quick tips that I extracted by observing some.

  • I will Create an Amazing WHITEBOARD Animated Video for $5
  • I will Make an Awesome WHITEBOARD Animated Video for $5
  • I will Create an Eye Catching Whiteboard Animated Video for $5

In my case I used the given below.

  • I will make an Awesome WHITEBOARD Animation for $5

Did you observe the word I used as capital? “Whiteboard”, exactly you need to do so since the buyer will search using this word and it will help you to get in higher position somehow. It’s not necessary but if Fiverr allows and say so, there must be some sauce in it 😉

Description should be Awesome:

You can get some ideas with other sellers description but the one thing that you must focus is offering something unique and out of the box which means you must offer something extra to your buyer within the initial price.

Like you can offer HD print of video for free, or quality images or whatever you want. In my case I offered to some paid music that I bought from different resources.

Tags or Keywords:

This is most important element while creating and targeting to get ranked. What you need to do is to use the most appropriate and targeted words. You can also give attention to suggestion as shown in the picture below.

tags and keywords for whiteboard video

In my case I used this.

tags I used

While some other words include, “animation, 3d, doodles”. You can also use a combination of all these words like.

Must Add Your Own Created Video:

Like the one I shared above which I created first time, I used the same and if you observe, gigs which are at top, most of them have video as introduction to their service. So always upload your own as well to get exposure and visibility.

Also it helps your buyers to understand your level of work and they are ready to order you more and more.

Just remember to keep the quality of work as maximum as you can because one buyer can be a repeated client.

I also earned about $1,000 just from one of my buyer and he is continuously giving me orders on weekends.

Step 5: Rank and Bank:

The secret sauce to all above work is now ranking. Because when you are ranked then you can bank more and more 😉 And with this easy fiverr gig, I am sure you can make more money than me. Well I am not going to write all that stuff again here as simply I have written a detailed guide about how to easily rank fiverr gigs that you can read and repeat the same for this as well.

Just make sure you completely follow all the steps above and in case any issue, just drop me an email and I will catch you up for help.

Step 6: Promote Your Gig:

Although in my case, I didn’t spend a single second to promote but here are some tips I can share that can go well with it.

Share it across your social profiles, if you have a blog create a post about your new gig and share it with your readers, also you can spend a little time in sending emails to your list or run a PPC or Facebook Ads Campaign. But as far as you get ranked, you don’t need to do so simply because buyers use Fiverr more than these 😉

Further you can also check my other article about 10+ top/best Fiverr Gigs that I shared which contain the most important and hot niches/services you can overview.

It’s Your Turn Now:

Well, above are the things that I followed to bank some cash and you can easily try yourself right now. Take action and get results 🙂

Further, I hope you enjoyed reading out my case study about this easy fiverr gig. I will write more and more good stuff very soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow on Google+, Like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms which you can check at top of sidebar.

Just a little bit more 🙂 Share this with your friends, do like, comment and share. Cheers 🙂

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