Basics of YouTube and Google Adsense You Didn’t Know

Written by Umer Iftikhar

Welcome to the First lecture of YouTube Rock star Course. In this course, I am going to teach you basics of YouTube and Google Adsense from beginning to Expert lever as what things we need to follow and focus to start our own channel and a perfect YouTube Business Model that can generate handsome income for us.

YouTube has become dominant in Video marketing as well generating excellent income on monthly basis.

Many YouTubers are now making 4 to 5 figures or even 6 figures income every month. Infact for me, it is main source of my online income 😉

Basics of YouTube and Google Adsense

If I talk about few YouTubers here like PewdiepieHolaSoyGermanSmosh or Rclbeauty101 and lot more, they are perfect examples of real YouTube Rock stars who have been earning millions over year.

They are true inspiration and real examples for us to think for a minute as how much potential we can get if we do the same (not exactly copying) but hard work and chase the dream we have always wanted.

Anyhow I don’t think so that I need to tell you more about other YouTubers or how much we can make since everybody has idea how much important platform it has become now for everyone. Either he is a student, a professional, businessman or even a jobless. Everyone can join it easily and make a road to a passive income from YouTube.

Why Should You Learn from Me?

Now before I continue teaching YouTube and Google Adsnese Basics to you, I wish to share something important that many of you guys have been looking for me to answer.

YES Right! My Income from YouTube. As it is your rights to know before you learn from me as how much I am making. So you have the idea that you are not wasting your time reading or learning from me.

Just for overview, here are my few channels earning stats you can check below.


Another Channel Stats.


And another.


Quite frankly, these are just few of my channels and I have many like these.

One important thing I wish to share here is, I never drive traffic from any resources like Social Media, Email marketing or Paid Advertising, etc.

Let me show you more here.


If you observe above graph and charts, you will see most of the traffic is coming from ‘Suggested Videos’ and ‘YouTube Search’ which is exactly the secret of YouTube Marketing or we can say getting lots of traffic to our videos.

Check out one of my video that got massive traffic without any sharing or marketing.


So, what I am trying to explain is that we need to understand how system is working. Once we understand, driving traffic is nothing but a peace of cake. What’s the secret behind? You are going to learn in upcoming posts of this course series that I have started at Blogging CEO about how I am doing all these things. Since my blog is all about what I experience 😉 and I have promised to keep everything open at this blog only.

Any doubt 😛 Check out my video on my Channel which I am sharing below either I am sharing fake or real.

Basics of YouTube and Google Adsense:

Without wasting your more time, let’s discuss from the beginning. It may be boring for some of you guys since it’s from very basic. But I hope you will enjoy reading to this post as it may contain some of information you might have read/seen before.


Well, YouTube is largest video sharing website launched back in Feb 14, 2005 and later acquired by Google. You can read about it here as I am not going to waste your time but to discuss important elements.

YouTube allows its users (video creator/owner/uploader) to monetize their videos and receive 55% of revenue (as per their policies) earned by YouTube from advertisers.

Amazingly Advertisers are advertising their products on YouTube which are displayed on your videos. Since you are the creator or owner of the video, therefore YouTube does pay a certain amount of commission to video creator to maintain interest of videos owners.

Google Adsense:

Adsense is a program that allows publishers (content creator, webmaster or YouTuber) to generate revenue from advertisements being displayed on their content. It is a CPM and CPC network that pays either from clicks (ads view) by audience or for a certain amount of views or impressions.

I will explain it in a simple way.

It is the main source from where you will receive your income 😀 Let me explain more how these things are working together.

It is actually a partner program of YouTube that pays you the amount you earn from your channels. Simply as I showed you above the earnings of channels, I will collect these earnings via Google Adsense Account.

In short you can learn more about how Google Adsense system is working to display ads from here.

An Overview to Steps:

Let’s take an overview to these steps to understand the exact system.

  1. YouTube allows you to create Google Adsense Account, your own channel to create or upload videos.
  2. You create Channel, videos, upload and monetize them.
  3. Google Adsense displays ads on your content (videos).
  4. Users (audience) come to your videos and watch them.
  5. You get paid when someone clicks or views ads being displayed on your content or you get paid for a certain amount of impressions or views.
  6. Your earnings are transferred to your Adsense account and you get paid once you reach $100 in your account.

You see how easy it is 😉

Understanding Policies:

This is not just end here or it’s not a peace of cake. There are many factors that we must keep in our mind before we create or upload any content.

YouTube Polices:

I will be discussing here some of the polices that we have to follow. If we don’t, it may result banning of our channels and accounts.

Copyrighted Content:

A content that is copyrighted by real owner or a content that is commercialized or a property of someone else. For example, WWE Universal Shows, TV Shows, Movies, Songs or any other material that is originally owned by someone else. We must avoid using them since we are not allowed. But if we use, we may receive copyright Strike which may result suspension of our channels or account.

Forbidden Content:

We are not allowed to use Sexaul or violent content. It is simple that we can’t use or create content such as adult, bloodshed (accidents), gambling, misleading, etc.

What are the cause if we somehow disobey the rules?

Strikes/Community Guidelines Strike:

If we are violating terms, we will get a strike. Strikes are of two types.

Copyright Strike:

When we use any copyrighted material and are caught by real owner, the original content creator can file a complaint against us and we may receive a copyright strike result in suspension of some of features.

Community Guidelines Strikes:

When we disobey community standards i.e. using violent content, or using wrong title, description, tags, thumbnails or misleading, misbehaving, harassing, etc. We may receiving community guidelines strike which can result the same as we face in copyright strike.

Impact of Strikes:

Strikes are not good sign as we lose many things.

Bad Standing: 

The very first impact we face is channel goes in bad standing position. Which results in holding our earned amount. Strikes are normally removed by YouTube itself in 3 months. Till then no cash out. It means until our channel comes in good position again, earnings will not be transferred to Adsense account.

Channel Suspension:

Three strikes may result in complete channel suspension. If we receive 3 or more strikes, YouTube may terminate our channel or sometimes accounts. So try to avoid getting strikes.

Monetization Suspension:

Sometime we receive “Blocked Worldwide” issues in our video. It means when we upload any copyrighted content, our video gets blocked immediately but it does not mean strike. But unusual or many attempts, may result in monetization of channel being suspended.

What To Do When We Face Such Issues:

Based on my personal experience, I would like to share some of key points to consider when you face any above issues.

Stop Content Creation:

Once you receive any strike, stop creating more content and leave working on that channel until YouTube removes strikes. It is my practice. However I have no idea about others. But I stop working on that channel.

Setting All Videos to Private:

If no other video is generating good income, I make all videos set to private from public. Simply to avoid any more issues like strikes. But if I have another video generating good income, I will let the video remain public. But it is all risky.

Google Adsense Policies:

You can also read an official policy guidelines. I will be avoiding to discuss them here but to mention few things that are very necessary to understand.

Earning Calculation and Process:

Let’s say you started your channel today. This is October 24, 2016. YouTube will transfer All of your channels earning for the month of October in your Adsense Account between 10th to 15th of November 2016. That means we get our finalized earning of previous month between 10th to 15th of next month in our Adsense account. Before that, adsense doesn’t show up daily report.

Why Adsense Show Zero and Doesn’t Show Regular Stats:

There are two type of Google Adsense. One is ‘Hosted‘ and Second is ‘Non-Hosted‘.

Hosted Account:

We can use it on Google’s own product such as YouTube and Google Play Store (Ad Mob to display ads on Android Apps).

Non Hosted Account:

We can use it anywhere specially in top level domains (blogs or websites).

We can’t use hosted account on top level domains.

Non Hosted accounts show regular stats. While Hosted Accounts only show finalized earning.

Personal Identification Number (PIN):

Adsense generates a PIN when we reach $10 in our Account. This is sent to your address for personal verification that the person receiving payments on this address is actually residing here.

However we have three months to enter our PIN. The very first PIN is automatically sent.

If we don’t receive it with in 23 days, we can regenerate a new PIN and request for new.

In case we don’t receive the second PIN, we will once again be able to request for new one.

But if we fail to receive 3 PINs, right after 23 of last PIN sent, Google Adsense allows us to submit a document which can be a utility bill or any official document showing your complete address.

Once you submit your document, Adsense team verifies your account.

We can only receive payments from Verified Accounts. We can’t withdraw our money until we verify our adsense account.

Finally What We Need to Work:

Alright! We have understood almost everything that are basics and everyone must know. I am going to right down a step by step procedure to start work.

  • At first we need an Adsense Account.
  • We need a content account which is another Google account (not adsense) and we will link this to our main Adsense Account. Don’t worry at all as I will explain in upcoming post why we need to do this.
  • We need to create a channel.
  • We need to create or shoot videos. I will explain and will teach live on my Blogging CEO Channel as how I make videos that is super easy to make.
  • However you can still get an idea about how to create YouTube Videos in which I have explained complete possible ways.
  • We must know advanced techniques and tips to upload and do proper SEO for our videos so we can rank and receive high traffic. Don’t worry I will teach each and everything.

This is all we need and I will explain each and everything from the basic to advance so you can start your YouTube career easily.

What Next You Will Learn:

Just for a glance I would like to share here as what chapters I am going to teach in upcoming posts.

  • Create Google Adsense Easily (Hosted Account).
  • Associate Content Account and Safety Tips.
  • Find Niches. Specially Hot Niches that earn much.
  • Find Untapped Keywords That Bring Traffic.
  • Proper Channel Branding and Setting for Maximum Exposure.
  • Create Videos That are Super easy.
  • Proper SEO for YouTube Videos (Secrets of Traffic).

These are the contexts that I will be teaching in next few days.

A Glance to My Strategies:

my strategiesIf you observe above, I showed three of channels stats just for an overview. But if you think more deeply, you can see I am not just stick to one channel but I am having multiple channels on multiple niches.

The reason behind is to divide my income and have fun with other niches too.

My target is to simply earn around $200 from a channel and when I hit my target, I move to another channel.

In this case I divide my monthly revenue and enjoy many niches just to test what’s working best for me. Once I realize that this niche is less competitive and I can make more channels on this niche with multiple keywords and topics, I jump into it completely.

Niche means Topic

Many of my friends asked me why I do so. Why I make so many channels. It is because just to divide risk and enjoy multiple topics at a time.

Final Words:

My methods are for long term. I work for long term rather than for any short term strategy that can make me thousands in a day but nothing on the other day. So if you have patience to work and want to build real long term YouTube business, let’s shake hands.

Further I don’t guarantee for same results for you as I get. There may be ups and downs and it will take at least six months for a proper setup. So keep calm and do hark work to chase your dreams.

I hope you enjoyed reading out basics of YouTube and Google Adsense. I will write more and more good stuff very soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow on Google+, Like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms which you can check at top of sidebar.

Just a little bit more. Share this with your friends, do like, comment and share. Cheers 🙂

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