About Us

about usHi! Thanks for taking time to read more about Blogging CEO. 

My name is Umer Iftikhar, the owner of this blog (BloggingCEO.com).

I am a Web Developer, Blogger, Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer, Internet Entrepreneur and of-course a Lovable, Respectful and Helpful guy.

I love to write about Blogging, Technology and the most beneficial hidden secrets about how to make money online.

The Idea Behind Blogging CEO:

Blogging CEO was officially launched on January, 29th 2015.

My idea behind this blog is to create such a blog that can help newbies specially who have no idea where and how to start a blog and make money via blogging.

I remember the days when I was struggling to learn Blogging, SEO and other stuff.

There was no one to teach me and I was totally alone.

Therefore I started to fill the gap between YOU and me and together we will learn and explore different ideas, strategies and exact ways to make money online.

Because I know how hard it is to get crystal and clear information online.

The guide on Blogging ceo will be very easy to understand.

Major Topics on my Blog:

Roughly at Blogging CEO you can get all the tips related to the above topics that can help you to get most of the amazing ideas that I apply and get success into it.

I will be as transparent as much as I can to show you the true picture of what and how exactly I am doing and what works best for me in creating and setting up a blog, getting traffics into it and Making Passive Income from it  🙂


You can Join my hands to explore new ideas, tips and tricks that can be useful for you.


I am not a guru and I am not a millionaire who makes thousands, millions or billions.

But I will show how exactly I am doing all as well as you are going to get all the tips for free here lifetime.

You will not see any garbage here but I am sure to display the true picture of my journey in Making Money Online as Blogger.

But you will have to be patient as the Make Money Online process is not much easy and it requires complete set of strategies, hard work and of-course a good idea.

Once again! Thank you very much to read this page 🙂

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