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What is Blogging CEO and Why I Started this Blog

Hi! My name is Umer Iftikhar, the owner of this site. I understand how difficult it is for a person who is newbie and starting out or wants to start but actually he doesn’t know what he has to do and where he has to start. I remember the days when I was struggling to learn Blogging, SEO and other stuff, I was totally alone and there was no one to teach me. So, What is Blogging CEO is all about? I started to fill the gap between YOU and me and together we will learn and explore different ideas, strategies and exact ways that are needed to start a blog and make money from it easily.

What is Blogging CEO

What I am Going to Share?

As from the name you can exactly understand what is blogging ceo all about which is all about blogging and how it works. So, I will be sharing my own experience as how do it and generate a passive income online. My main motive is to help out those who really want to explore and learn something and grab the most out of it. Remember, it is not overnight game, it requires time, patience, hard work, right strategies, right efforts, unique and quality stuff (articles) and ofcourse search engine optimization, social media marketing, promotion, collaboration with other bloggers and everything that is required to make a wonderful blog.

Why I Started and Who am I?

First of all, I would like to thank you guys to take out to read more about me. I am Umer, I am a blogger, freelancer (Fiverr, People Per Hour, Private Work), Affiliate Marketer and Search Engine Optimizer. I make money through different mediums online. It includes working as a freelancer or affiliate marketer. Sometime I provide SEO consultancy to small or large companies. I have a small office where I perform big tasks to achieve my goals.

I have some sites and I monetize them with Google Adsense, Buysellads and other ad networks that I am going to share from starting as how I built them and making a good income.

So, I decided to launch just to help those who are struggling out and also want to earn a living off through the income they make online. I understand the basic problems of newbies as what and how they face when they want to learn anything. Therefore, you will find all the information you need to know to start your online career and to invent a successful online business.

Rather you are going to build a big or a small micro niche blog to earn by a specific product. You will learn each and everything I know as well you will see the right and live strategies I apply to make it work for me. 🙂

Some of my Work:

I am not going to show you a millionaire business but to show you how you can easily do the same as I do and support my family. Ofcourse, you got the same bills as I get so what methods I follow and you can follow too.

My Affiliate Earning:

Blogging CEO Affilaite Earning Proof
It is Hostgator affiliate commission. I will be as transparent to share how you can start affiliate marketing and earn good amount online.

My Fiverr Earning:

fiverr earning from blogging ceo

To give you just an overview, how you can earn the same amount.

Remember: It is just to show you and push you up so you can learn exact strategies and do hard work to earn more than it. I am not showing up all these to ask anything from you but to motivate you that you can do as well. 

Finally What is Blogging CEO?

I hope you enjoyed reading post, it is nothing at all as a learning point of a view but it is in short all about what is Blogging CEO and what benefits you are going to get.

Right now, you can learn to start a blog today in which i have described complete steps to follow.

Stay tuned, don’t forget to join my newsletter which you can join either from the sidebar or the form below. I will be sharing upcoming updates and important tips I follow.

Thanks once again, stay tuned.
Umer Iftikhar

About the author

Umer Iftikhar

My name is Umer Iftikhar, the owner of this blog ( I am a Web Developer, Blogger, Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer, Internet Entrepreneur and of-course a Lovable, Respectful and Helpful guy. Catch me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter :)